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Leverage Social Media Without Feeling Confused, Overwhelmed or Out of the Loop

It seems like every day brings new reports on the explosive growth of social media. You know your customers and patients are engaged in it, but how much? And what does it mean for your business? How does it fit in to your current strategies?

Telerx helps you navigate the social media landscape one step at a time. How do you participate? Where do you even start? We develop and execute a social media plan based on your business needs – regardless of where you are on the continuum of social media engagement.

Social InteraXions, our comprehensive, dynamic social media solution provides you the support you need to take full advantage of social media. Gain the kind of actionable insights that will protect and enhance your brand, make better business decisions and deepen the relationships you have with your customers.

Because of our in-depth experience in high-touch customer care across multiple communication channels, Telerx is uniquely positioned to provide outreach to social media channels in the same thoughtful, effective manner. Our expertise in handling sensitive consumer affairs and regulatory issues gives us a particularly astute perspective as it relates to customer interactions with your brand. And it lets us provide the kind of social media support that has uncovered issues our clients were often unaware of, resulting in a rapid response to stem any potential negative impact.

Watch this short video featuring Telerx’s social media specialists.