SMS/MMS Texting

SMS MMS Texting

The Best Way to Reach Your Consumers is Right in the Palm of their Hands

Your consumers are texting. A lot. And they’d like to be interacting with you in the same manner. In fact, 64% of consumers would prefer to use texting over voice as a customer service channel.

With advanced technology, Telerx enables your 1-800 Number to support both calling, SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multi-Media Service).  Your customers are already trying to text your main customer support line for assistance – if that’s their preferred communication channel, let them! And respond accordingly.

Texting is the high priority medium that sits between voice and email or chat. It allows your consumer to control the pace of the conversation. No longer do they have to wait on hold, or listen to option after option of an IVR message. By texting in their inquiries or requests, they can multi-task while waiting for a response, giving them their valuable time back.

And the potential value the texting channel offers you is significant!  Consider the possibilities:

  • Point-of-Sale Consumer Affairs Support: Your consumers can text you right from the store – at critical point of a purchase decision – with their product questions, helping to negate competition and improve customer loyalty.
  • Offers at Point-of-Sale: Make offers like coupons, recipes and loyalty programs to your consumers while they shop increasing sales.
  • Enhanced Consumer Complaint Resolution: Your consumers can text you a picture of the product quality issue for immediate resolution and increased visibility into quality issues.
  • Proactive Outbound Messages: Let consumers know in advance of upcoming renewals or loyalty program offers, in their channel of choice.
  • Outbound Recall Support: Help manage call volumes during a recall situation by reaching out to consumers proactively with recall information, putting their minds at ease, and saving money on more expensive channels.

With Telerx’s agent friendly portal, our agents handle multiple text message conversations all in one screen, while viewing the history of each conversation for context, thus making the whole process efficient and cost-effective. Keyword-based auto reply messages can be set—up to handle basic questions such as product location so your consumers can receive a relevant response even during unstaffed hours.

Combine this service with our 30+ year history of nurturing the world’s most well-known brands, and our agents already skilled in communicating via text and chat, and you’ve got a complete consumer texting support solution.