Pre-Sales, Sales & Post-Sales Support

At Telerx, our extensive experience building stronger customer relationships makes us ideal partners for supporting your sales and account management efforts.

Whether it’s basic inbound order taking, elevating your existing customer care program to include cross-selling and up-selling, or freeing up your sales team to focus on sales, Telerx can maximize your resources, while improving your bottom line. Our associates become fully integrated, seamless extensions of your brand. And because of our customer-centric focus, your consumers receive superior service that builds loyalty and increases satisfaction with every interaction.

Telerx’s pre-sales, sales and post-sales support solutions include:

  • Smartphone RetailInbound and Outbound Sales and Lead Generation: Cross-Sell, Up-Sell, Order Entry, Subscription Sales, Customer Retention, Appointment Scheduling
  • Sales Support: Order and Payment Tracking, Billing Inquiries, Refunds
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Strategic Account Management