Recalls & Critical Event Management

Your Brand … is Safe in Our Hands

Managing a brand’s reputation is a vital and often challenging task. Product recalls by their very nature are unforeseen events, however, many find that proactive advance planning can be a critically important component of a brand recovery strategy should an unexpected event occur. In this social media driven world, your brand team can quickly lose communication control. That’s where Telerx can help. With our depth of relevant experience in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, combined with the successful management of a growing number of recalls and critical incidents every year, we are uniquely qualified to be your strategic partner at a critical moment.

Telerx offers a comprehensive recall management program covering the risks of an unforeseen product recall. Our extensive experience and expertise offers the following advantages when faced with a risk situation:

Telerx Product Recall Services

  • Immediate access to a  dedicated staff with extensive product recall experience and expertise
  • Pre-planned service offerings that can be immediately deployed in the event of a potential risk
  • Effective brand protection solution options to fit your unique requirements
  • Critical event trending and early warning alert through social media monitoring
  • Additional “safeguards”  available through Telerx’s technology and partner network, including a flexible and robust platform, and access to industry leading experts

Telerx’s depth of relevant experience, coupled with the successful management of an increasing number of recalls and critical incidents in recent years, positions Telerx as a uniquely qualified strategic partner to help your company during the critical time of a recall.