Consumer Insights

Finding Consumer Insights in a Sea of Data

Telerx Consumer Insights

Understanding your consumers has always been an important goal.  But now, with consumers controlling the brand conversation, it is more crucial than ever.

Because we interact with millions of consumers annually on behalf our clients, Telerx is uniquely positioned to provide insights into our clients’ consumers and brands. Leveraging these powerful interactions can provide tremendous value in the form of the following consumer insights:

  • Voice of the Customer Sentiment Analysis: Multi-channel engagement and survey data analysis allows Telerx to better understand your consumers and stay abreast of trends.
  • Social Sentiment Analysis: Telerx analyzes sentiment and trends in social media to provide a fuller picture of consumer attitude, reactions and behavior.

PulseCheXPlus Telerx’s newly enhanced survey solution, allows you to listen closely to your customers’ perceptions, challenges and needs, and helps convert the volumes of data gathered from your interactions into valuable insights that drive your business. It provides omni-channel survey capabilities and integrations to obtain a more robust and holistic view of the consumer experience. The true voice of the consumer is obtained through: post call consumer feedback, web-based consumer feedback and email survey capabilities.

Surveying and engaging consumers at different points of the customer experience cycle allow Telerx to obtain insights to the consumer’s sentiment during pre-purchase activities, service, fulfillment, and post-purchase stages.

Consumer Insights should be a strategic part of your enterprise.  Telerx can help. Let’s connect.