In this highly competitive climate, listening to your consumers couldn’t be more critical.

The Consumer industry is a competitive landscape with growing demands and constantly evolving trends that affect buying behavior.  In this world of constant connectivity, Telerx is listening to your consumers to help you build and maintain loyal relationships.

We are the market leader in servicing the needs of the consumer industry – including retail, food and beverage products, household cleaning products, durable goods, personal beauty and grooming products.  We’ve developed customized solutions for more than 700 brands, including those of the two largest U.S. food companies.

These successful long-term relationships are the result of our ability to transform how our clients protect their brand, nurture and maximize their customer asset, and enhance their business advantage.  We strategically apply our best-in-class customer care techniques, fully integrated solutions and enhanced reporting capabilities to ensure that our clients are capturing, tracking, measuring and evaluating actionable data.  We are constantly monitoring customer feedback through multiple channels so that your brand’s reputation remains intact.

Let us help you protect your brand and transform your customers’ experience.

Associate Director Consumer Relations Leading CPG Company

… I have to say I am very pleased and impressed with the handling (of the recall). All of the staff were very responsive, acted quickly, came up with acceptable contingencies when needed … to ensure contacts were handled — this situation gives me confidence that any future situations will be handled well or even better!